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OMM - Oncology Medication Management


Cancer treatment continues to be one of the most difficult and resource-intensive areas of healthcare. With ever increasing treatment needs and available options, effective planning, delivery and documentation of care is of paramount importance.

In order to meet these massive challenges MEDarchiver has launched the OMM – Oncology Medication Management platform. It is the first software solution dedicated to management of the entire oncology treatment process. OMM is the result of numerous European projects that were conducted to identify opportunities for improving oncology treatment.

Through its workflow-oriented design, OMM makes integrated information available to all healthcare specialists involved with the complex process of delivering cancer care. From planning and resource scheduling, through drug ordering, compounding, administration and documentation, OMM provides information, control and organization in an unprecedented and uncompromising fashion. It also streamlines workflow throughout the entire process.

OMM is the first product on the market capable of providing unprecedented levels of safety and real-time process monitoring capabilities in the fi eld of oncology, once only available in intensive care units.




44th ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition

44th AHSP American Society of Health-System Pharmacists’ Mid-Year Meeting December 6-10 in Las Vegas

Venetian Hotels & Sands Expo Center - LAS VEGAS, NV

in collaboration with Health Robotics, presentation of OMM system and i.v.SOFT, The Workflow Engine for the I.V. Room of the Future, powered by MEDarchiver

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